eBay <–> Kronocard connector

  • Load your complete inventory in Kronocard
  • List on eBay (eBay fees apply)
  • Your cards are always for sale online

This is awesome, you get the power and speed of Kronocard and still, continue to sell on eBay!

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Search Database

Powerful search engine in the database

With all your cards scanned, documented in a database, it’s now possible to search for that particular player or that set for a specific year.


Browsing cards

Browse your boxes

It is so incredible to be able to browse directly in your inventory.  You can see what’s inside each box in each row and each section without manipulating your precious cards.

Being that organized makes it super easy to go get that card you just sold.



View all of the information in one place

View all the information in one place.
With that simple dashboard you get a global view of the status of your inventory.
  • Cards that aren’t yet documented
  • Cards that are documented and ready to sale
  • Cards that are currently online for sale
  • Cards that clients currently have in a cart
  • Cards that you locked because you don’t want to sell them
  • Cards that have been shipped to clients


Scanning cards

Intelligent scanning module

You get a simple but powerful scanning module.  It automatically associates the front and the back of each cards and they are magically cropped without any intervention. They are scanned at 300 dpi which insures a great picture quality.  The scanning module works great with a flatbed scanner, but when connected to an auto-feeder scanner you get all the power and speed.  We have been able to scan up to 30,000 cards in an 8h workday!


Documentation grid

Incredible spreadsheet for documentation

To document your cards, you are presented with a very efficient spreadsheet. Cut, paste, special right-click options – everything you need to document more than 300 cards per hour.



Relax while Kronozio documents your cards

Group your cards by year and set, scan them and ask Kronozio to document the scanned images.  Like magic Kronozio does all the hard work for you while you can save your precious time for something else.  Once Kronzio is done with all the data work, all information (player’s name and card number) will appear in your database. The best part is: you don’t have to send your cards to anyone!  Kronocard only sends the image of your cards for documentation.



Fast shipping with this unique system

Ship up to 50 cards per hour with that ingenious system.  You can ship without worrying about sending the wrong card again. You can see the card to pick in your box and the software gives you its  exact position.
  • Exact position of the card you will be shipping
  • Print shipping panels
  • Description of the card
  • Printable labels for your envelopes
  • Printable packing slip
  • Printable invoice


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eBay connector Plans

Choose our free plan to get familiar with the process and then upgrade as needed. Please note that regardless of the plan it's always free to list on Your cards unsold on eBay will come back in your Kronozio store without any fees.

  • List your cards on eBay 60x faster
  • Card not sold on eBay goes back for sale on Kronozio
  • Ship your cards 8x faster
  • Search in your own inventory
  • Spreadsheet like documentation grid
  • Scan multiple cards at the same time
  • Auto association of front and back
  • Scan plastic sheets from binder
  • Up to 4,000 cards per hour with an auto-feeder scanner
  • Up to 250 cards per hour with a standard scanner
  • 300 dpi images of both sides
  • Manage buyer offers
  • Manage invoice, packing slip
  • Printing of address label on sticker


Estimate your  earning on eBay with Kronozio!
Earnings Simulator



  • List 50 cards per month on eBay 1
  • Unlimited card listing on
  • Scheduled listings
  • Advanced inventory search



  • List 500 cards per month on eBay 1
  • Unlimited card listing on
  • Scheduled listings
  • Advanced inventory search



  • List 5,000 cards per month on eBay 1
  • Unlimited card listing on
  • Scheduled listings
  • Advanced inventory search

1  Please note that all eBay and PayPal fees still apply.
Before subscribing to any plan you must agree to these Terms of Service & Privacy Policies.

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If you plan to list more than 5,000 cards on eBay each month, please contact us for special Platinum pricing.

New to eBay selling? You must read this.

IMPORTANT: New eBay seller? eBay asks that you create your first listing from their web site interface. After that you should be able to use Kronocard. By using Kronocard to list on eBay you have to follow eBay rules and policies.


What will I receive after checking out?

In just a few minutes, simply return to Kronocard in the eBay configuration section to confirm that your connector is active.

Are eBay listing fees included?

Unfortunately, no.  Take the time to acquaint yourself with eBay fees. From time to time they offer multiple free listings.

Does Kronozio charge is own selling fees over the eBay fees?

No, Kronozio don’t charge any selling fees on your sales on eBay.  You get charged 10% only when your cards are sold in your store on

I’m not interested in selling on eBay how does it work ?

If you’re not interested on selling on eBay this is no problem !  You just need to install your free copy of Kronocard and start selling right away on You can get Kronocard here

What happens with the cards that haven’t sold on eBay?

When you put a card up for sale on eBay it first goes on sale on then your eBay listing is posted.  When your listing time ends on eBay and you haven’t yet sold the card, it goes back for sale on  That means that your cards are always online for sale with us !

Is the purchase price refundable?

If you’re not satisfied with the software you can cancel anytime and stop paying – your subscription will end at the end of the month. But we would like to know the reasons you weren’t satisfied so we can improve. Please let us know at

Get news about the eBay connector !

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