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System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and up
  • Scanner with TWAIN 32bits driver
  • Internet connection
  • Valid account created on
  • A lot of cards!
What is Kronocard software ?

Kronocard software is the ultimate tool to put sport cards online : it manages the complete cycle of cards:

  • Scanning
  • Documenting
  • Upload to your web store
  • Sales
  • Shipping

Best of all : Kronocard allow you to do all those tasks quickly and easily.

What are the features of the scanner software ?

Kronocard includes Kronoscan software

  • Support flatbed and automatic feeder* scanners
  • Automatically crops the card images with a success rate of over 99% and provide tools to quickly correct the rare cases where the cropping is invalid
  • Automatically associate front and back images
  • Allow you to rotate front and back images quickly
  • Creates groups of cards that have common characteristics

*At the moment we support 3 models of automatic feeder scanners.

What are the features that ease documenting the cards ?

  • We provide a searchable list of 60,000 cards set. Your set is not in this list? Kronocard will automatically add it to the list
  • Edit you card data in an Excel like spreadsheet with sort, undo, copy and paste support. Each column has a custom contextual menu. All this while viewing front and back images (zoom available).
  • “Search on web” button: it uses your card data to search on ebay, amazon, becket, comc or google.
  • Optional Kronozio Documentation Services will add card number and description for a minimal fee.

Is it easy to add cards to my online store ?

Yes. Once a card is documented and a sale price is set all you have to do is change the status of the card to “BUY” and save your change. Kronocard will then automatically upload the card front and back images and add the card to your web store. Using the spreadsheet you can put hundreds of cards in your store with one click.

What are the features that help me to manage my sales ?

  • Optional Automatic Accept / Refuse rules for offers
  • Accept / Refuse offers by email
  • No stock photo : original front and back 300 dpi scans means less questions about a card
  • Software and email notifications for cards sold and invoices paid
  • Software and email notifications for invoices to be paid
  • You have access to your clients buying history

What are the other features that will help me ?

Powerfull Card Search Window

  • Free text search engine searching fields year, product, set, card number card description, memorabilia, special, rookie, grader, hand signed and serial numbered
  • Filter result by : sport category, card quality and card status
  • Editable search results : Let’s say John Doe is now a mega star and your want to triple the price asked for his cards. Simply search for John Doe, click edit group button and voilà you will be able to change the price in the spreadsheet, save your changes and automatically have your online store updated.

Box Manager Windows

  • See the content of your boxes (and albums) on your computer screen
  • Edit the content
  • Move the content of a location to another box

Scans manager Window

  • See the cards you scanned by date and group
  • Edit your groups
  • Add notes

Messages window

  • Track communications with Kronozio web site